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Hi, I'm Jeff Siarto—you can call me a designer. I create user interfaces for computers and occasionally design logos, books, courses, and physical products.

I'm currently a Professor of Practice in the Department of Media and Information and Department of Advertising and Public Relations at Michigan State University. I also serve as the Interim Director of the UXMS Masters Program. Previously I was the Director of User Experience at Element 84 where I worked on design and research for various NASA Earth Science projects.

In a past life I wrote two books in the O'Reilly Head First series and co-founded Loudpixel, an early social media research firm that worked with brands like New Balance, Radio Flyer, Wrigley, and MillerCoors.

If the Great Lakes aren't frozen, you can find my family and I exploring the ports of western Michigan in our Catalina 30.

I am @jsiarto around the web, but I’m most active on: